Bawjiase Area rural Bank Ltd is a limited liability company incorporated on the 25th of August 1984 and received its certificate to commence business on the 6th of September 1984. The Bank was mandated by the Bank of Ghana on the 29th of December 1987 to carry on the business of Banking within it Catchment Area.
Bawjiase Area rural Bank was primarily established to address the financial needs of its catchment area by stimulating economic activities, growth and eventual economic development in the communities in which the Bank operates. The founders of the Bank sought to achieve this by:

- Helping the rural Folks to access credit easily other than the bureaucratic bottlenecks associated with the orthodox Commercial Banks.

- Encouraging rural Enterprises to develop and expand their business to create employment within the communities it operate.

- Employing persons with the requisite knowledge and skills from the Catchment areas and beyond to create employment thereby contributing it quota to national development and halting the rural/urban drift.

- Providing continuous training and development opportunities to it staff and management to ensure that they help the organization to achieve it stated vision.

- Apply a portion of it annual profit to projects in the communities within it catchment area as it contribution to the social development within its operating areas and beyond.

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