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Leaders in Innovation

Bawjiase area rural bank

Corporate Vision

To be the Best Rural Bank in Ghana. To achieve this, the Bank strives to:

  • Offer quality Services, which guarantee profitability that will ensure attractive returns on investment to shareholders.
  • Create and maintain a conducive work climate for a well motivated, loyal, dedicated and satisfied staff.
  • Increase the Bank’s Fixed Assets and other assets that facilitate Banking operations.
  • Strengthen collaboration with regulatory bodies, Non-governmental organizations, district assemblies as well as assisting Communities in the Bank’s catchment area in the provision of social service.

Mission Statement

The Bank aims at becoming the best performing rural Bank in Ghana and to be the Best Rural Bank in terms of operational efficiency, profitability, growth and innovation by providing extensive range of innovative and high quality services and products to satisfy the diverse needs of individuals as well as small and medium scale enterprises.

Our History

Bawjiase Area Rural Bank PLC is a limited liability company incorporated on the 25th of August 1984 and received its certificate to commence business on the 6th of September 1984. The Bank was mandated by the Bank of Ghana on the 29th of December 1987 to carry on the business of Banking within it Catchment Area.