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Remittance Services

Mobile Money

Mobile money services are available across all agencies. A customer can access Cash-in, Cash-out and wallet loading.

Gh Pay

Flexibility of pulling cash from your account to your wallet and pushing electronic cash into your account

Western Union

Receive money from abroad through western union platform at all our agencies.

Ria Money

Receive money from abroad through RIA platforms at all agencies.


Payment and settlement system transaction can be done on ezwich platform for customers at all agencies.

Apex Link

Send Receive money across all rural banks through the Apex link platform.

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Security of deposit and confidentiality of your transaction

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"The productive poor have been able to finance their ward’s education due to credit support from the bank."
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SMART loan is loan product for customers and non-customers of the bank who draw their salaries from Controller and Accountant General

Any amount provided your affordability can meet the monthly repayments

Yes, both Universal and Rural banks.